Hello, my name is Rachelle Bugeaud.

I’m a born and raised Canadian working in beautiful Calgary, Canada as a researcher, maker, art director, and strategist. Some people sum it up as being a T-shaped designer- as one having the breadth and the depth of experience across a number of fields.

If you’re confused by what I do I can sum it up as such: I solve problems through design. Any type of problem, no matter the industry, the scope, the theme! I investigate it using my repertoire of frameworks and methods and through analysis, collaboration, and creativity I deliver strategies for resolution. I find myself designing for the user, with empathy and user experience at the forefront of my creative process.

I’m moved by big picture thinking, investigating complexities, and challenging assumptions.

I hope my projects can serve as inspiration to you. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media. As an additional plug, feel free to check out my artworks via my Red Bubble and Society 6 store. Cheers!

My approach to design

The outputs of my design process typically fall into four broad categories:

  1. products & artifacts

  2. experiences & services

  3. strategies & reports

  4. visuals & narratives

I use a human-centered design approach in everything that I do. This ensures that the user experience always plays a central role in the project.

I use my skills in product design (industrial and digital) to design both physical and digital products and my knowledge of service design to deliver experiential products. My graphic design skills are used in the development of marketing materials (branding, logos, posters), iconography, and communication materials (reports, publications). Finally, I constantly curate my aesthetic eye to help in the task of art direction and aesthetic styling of projects.

I like to try new things. I’ve therefore previously worked as an illustrator, animator, and video editor, although these are no longer of prime interest to me.

What currently interests me is pursuing my talents as a critical thinker, design researcher, systems mapper, and futurist. In addition, I am growing my skillset to include business design and strategic planning.

To summarize: I believe that the role of designers has changed from one of expert to one of facilitator of change. As such, I am actively working to redefine the traditional designer role into one that is more aligned with the change-maker mentality. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate on something!