Digital Artworks

Cute little looping animations (gifs), digital posters, patterns, illustrations.

Alberta dreamland, digital collage, 2017.

Alberta dreamland, digital collage, 2017.

Paleobiology Illustrations

While working at Onlea, I had the privilege of drawing a variety of dinosaurs and marine reptiles for a series of online courses on prehistoric life. The resulting illustrations were developed with a team of paleobiologist to ensure biological accuracy. 

GDF Illustrations

This series of illustrations was produced for an online course entitled "Graphic Design Fundamentals". Sadly the course was never released to the public, but the illustrations thankfully survived!

Onlea Illustrations

These illustrations were created for use on Onlea's website as background imagery. Inspired by a Kurzgesagt style, these drawings depict the company's range of services and location.

UVG Illustrations

This set of illustrations was also developed for an online course. I designed the characters and illustrated about 30+ storyboarded scenes. 

Additional Animations

Sometimes you just gotta do things for fun, right?