How to keep jewelry collections organized and accessible via a simple and elegant solution?



Pendu Jewelry Organizers

Pendu allows a user to organize their jewelry collection and keep it easily accessible, yet cleverly hidden from view. Wall mounted and desktop versions are available for earrings and necklaces.


pendu jewelry organizer

Pendus are a jewelry organizing system. It comes in a wall-mounted version and a desktop version. Currently I have designed solutions for earrings and another one for necklaces. Next up I will attempt to design a similar design for bracelets and watches and perhaps another one for rings. The simple system keeps all of your precious goodies hidden out of sight yet makes it easy to find what you are looking for.


earring organizer

These powder-coated metal legs are screwed into the bottom of the tabletop, into inset threaded metal inserts. 


necklace organizer

The tabletop is made of bamboo plywood, providing an interesting visual texture when machined. Due to bamboo's exceptionally high growth rate, it is also a more sustainable option compared to regular plywood.


future organizers

The table's top pieces offer areas to store writing instruments, accessories and provide working surfaces.


countertop version

With a large, thin round base that acts as a shadow for the "flags," the  countertop version of the Pendu units can be installed on top of your dresser.


wall-mounted version

The wall-mounted versions were designed to create a composition on a blank wall. Their front covers are magnetic, acting as a message board or magnetic board. Alternatively, they can be hung inside a walk-in dresser or washroom.