Can I create an alternative solution for storing magazine collections?



Strungout Library

Strungout is an alternative solution for storing magazine collections. It is composed of vertical strings that serve to support the magazine's spines. It was designed so that users can quickly and efficiently store their publications as part of a dynamic visual composition.

Strungout Edited-3712.jpg

strungout library

Strung-out was developed while taking the online course ‘Design: Creation of Artifacts’ offered by the University of Michigan via Coursera. This shelving unit is particularly suited for organizing magazine collections although it can also be used to store books and journals. The literature is hung from a series of tightly strung strings. Contrary to the illusion created by the two 45-degree wings on each side of the unit, Strung-Out remains stable even with hundreds of magazines filling its ranks.

Strungout Edited-3562.jpg


The main feature of the library are the very many strings that provide the main support for the literature. These are pulled taught and nestled in grooves on the front side.



Purely aesthetic, the "wings" are set at a 45-degree angle from the vertical wooden posts and offset the unit from the wall. They create an interesting visual instability since the wall supports are hidden by these wings.


The backside of the unit features a W-shaped pattern of holes that nestle the ends of the strings.