Design for the Tangible

Developing solutions that improve our connection with physical activities and environments. That is the crux of tangible design. From desks to lights, user optimization plays a key role in my design choices. Created with a user-centered approach, the resulting projects are informed by rounds of research and iterations, ultimately aiming to provide useful improvements of everyday objects.


workforce desk

The Workforce Desk is an exploration in modular efficiency. It is a grooved tabletop with a series of modular accessories (with half spheres on their underside) that allows the user to maintain an efficient and personalized workspace.


pendu jewelry organizers

Pendu allows a user to organize their jewelry collection and keep it easily accessible, yet cleverly hidden from view. Wall mounted and desktop versions are available for earrings and necklaces.


strungout library

Strungout is an alternative solution for storing magazine collections. It is composed of vertical strings that serve to support the magazine's spines. It was designed so that users can quickly and efficiently store their publications as part of a dynamic visual composition.


troncs task lamp

Troncs provides a simple mechanism for controlling the light quality of your workspace. Inspired by the way light filters through trees, it is composed of two cylinders that overlap each other - thereby controlling the amount of light dispersed.