How can a simple lamp be made more useful?



Troncs Task Lamp

Troncs provides a simple mechanism for controlling the light quality of your workspace. Inspired by the way light filters through trees, it is composed of two cylinders that overlap each other - thereby controlling the amount of light dispersed.


troncs task lamp

Troncs (French for tree trunks) is inspired by light filtering through a forest. The outer cylinder can be spun to align or stagger the vertical wooden strips, as a result a user can regulate the quality and quantity of light. When "closed" the lamp emits a dimmer and yellower light, when "opened" it is a brighter, bluer light. The light was developed as part of a project to have flat-packable lighting.


inline slats

When the two cylinders are lined up, the light disperses it's maximum amount of light, which appears cooler in temperature.


partially staggered slats

Partially staggered slats offer a customizable amount of light dispersion. 


offset slats

When the slats are completely offset, or in their "closed" position, the light becomes diffused through the wood, resulting in a warmer quality of light.